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Fruit Trees

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Fruit Trees
There are many more fruit trees with edible fruits than might at first be imagined.

The key thing that fruit trees have in common is that they all produce fruits or edible nuts in early autumn and that these fruits are deliberately made attractive to wildlife so that the seeds within the fruit or nut can, be transferred to new locations.

All these trees are zero rated for VAT purposes.

APPLE 'Bramley's Seedling'

APPLE 'Bramley's Seedling'  >

Culinary apple, Dessert apple
Cooks and keeps well
APPLE 'Cox's Orange Pippin'

APPLE 'Cox's Orange Pippin'  >

Culinary apple, Dessert apple
Popular dessert apple
APPLE 'Discovery'

APPLE 'Discovery'  >

Culinary apple, Dessert apple
Clear red dessert apple. Early.
APPLE 'Granny Smith'

APPLE 'Granny Smith'  >

Culinary apple, Dessert apple
A green apple with russet spots and a hard, crisp texture
APPLE 'James Grieve'

APPLE 'James Grieve'  >

Culinary apple, Dessert apple
Pale yellow and crimson dessert apple
APPLE 'Laxton's Superb'

APPLE 'Laxton's Superb'  >

Culinary apple, Dessert apple
Mid season dessert apple
APPLE 'Worcester Pearmain'

APPLE 'Worcester Pearmain'  >

Culinary apple, Dessert apple
Dessert variety, best eaten off the tree in September


Chinese persimmon, Japanese persimmon.
oval glossy green leaves which turn yellow orange and purple in autumn. Female plants bear conical yellow fruits
FICUS carica 'Brown Turkey'
Free-fruiting fig with a good yellow autumn colour. The fruits have purple-brown skins when ripe and are rich and sugary which makes this an excellent dessert variety
MALUS 'Golden Hornet'

MALUS 'Golden Hornet'  >

Apple, Crab apple
A profusion of bright yellow crab apples which remain on the tree long after the leaves have dropped
MALUS 'John Downie'

MALUS 'John Downie'  >

Apple, Crab apple
The best fruiting crab apple with white flowers and bright orange fruit
MALUS 'Profusion'

MALUS 'Profusion'  >

Apple, Crab apple
Dark reddish flowers and bronzy purple leaves. Dark purple fruit
MALUS 'Red Sentinel'

MALUS 'Red Sentinel'  >

Apple, Crab apple
An excellent fruiting tree with white flowers and large clusters of deep red fruits
MALUS 'Royalty'

MALUS 'Royalty'  >

Apple, Crab apple
Glossy dark purple leaves turning red in autumn. Crimson-purple flowers, dark red fruits
MESPILUS germanica
Large white flowers and edible brown fruits
MORUS alba

MORUS alba  >

Silkworm mulberry, White mulberry
sweet, whitish fruits changing to reddish pink
MORUS nigra

MORUS nigra  >

Black mulberry, Common mulberry
rounded tree with fruits which turn red and then dark purple in late summer when ripe
PEARS 'Conference'

PEARS 'Conference'  >

Dessert pear, Pyrus communis subsp. communis
Large rusty greenish-yellow dessert pear, self pollinating
PEARS 'Doyenne du Comice'
Large yellow-brown dessert fruit in late season, partly self pollinating

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