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Damp Areas Beside Water – Bog Plants

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Damp Areas Beside Water – Bog Plants
Bog plants can be trees, shrubs or herbaceous plants but what they all have in common is that they are best suited to damp, wet and usually shady situations or beside water. They should not however be confused with pond plants which are typically grown actually in the water itself. Herbaceous bog plants tend to be clump forming and the majority die down completely in the winter.

This is our favourite selection, full plant list can be found by using the a-z on the right hand menu or using the keyword search top right, if you need something specific.


ACANTHUS mollis  >

Bear's breeches, Brank ursine
Tall spikes of white flowers suffused purple, deeply lobed leaves


Juneberry, Service berry, Shadbush
All Flower MAR-APR
ASTELIA nervosa 'Westland'
Silvery bronze arching leaves that turn red in colder conditions. Frost hardy but prefers damp areas


False goatsbeard
All are suitable for growing in wet or boggy areas. All flower JUL-SEPT
BETULA pendula

BETULA pendula  >

Common silver birch, Lady of the woods

CALTHA palustris

CALTHA palustris  >

Kingcup, Marsh marigold, Mollyblobs
Creeping rhizomes and buttercup-yellow flowers. Best grown on the edge of water or in a bog


Pampas grass, Tussock grass
DICKSONIA antarctica

DICKSONIA antarctica  >

Man fern, Soft tree fern
This attractive architectural plant thrives in cool moist shaded woodland
GUNNERA manicata

GUNNERA manicata  >

Chile rhubarb, Giant prickly rhubarb
The more boggy the conditions the larger the giant, umbrella-shaped leaves.
HARDY FERNS Osmunda regalis
sterile green, fertile leaves on tops thickly covered with brown spores
HOUTTUYNIA cordata 'Chameleon'
Multicoloured variegated heart-shaped leaves, white tangerine scented flowers. Prefers moist soil or a boggy area
IRIS ensata

IRIS ensata  >

Japanese water iris
(kaempferi) - Water iris - shades pink-purple
Robust upright perennial from Chile with reddish purple stems and orange-red tubular flowers
LYSICHITON americanus

LYSICHITON americanus  >

Bog arum, Yellow skunk cabbage
Water loving bog plant with large yellow flowers
MECONOPSIS betonicifolia

MECONOPSIS betonicifolia  >

Tibetan blue poppy
(Syn. baileyi) - blue Himalayan poppy
METASEQUOIA glyptostroboides

METASEQUOIA glyptostroboides  >

Dawn redwood, Shui-hsa, Water fir
conical tree with ascending branches and fibrous orange bark which prefers a boggy or wet area. Soft light green leaves especially in spring
PETASITES japonicus

PETASITES japonicus  >

Giant butterbur
Perennial rhizomatous plant which prefers damp conditions. Dense clusters of yellowish-white flowerheads in FEB-MAR followed by large kidney-shaped leaves growing up to 3 feet high on stalks

PHORMIUM tenax  >

New Zealand flax
Green tall growing
RHEUM palmatum

RHEUM palmatum  >

Turkey rhubarb
Bog or water loving rhubarb plant with large leaves and plumes of red flowers on tall stems
All Flower MAY-JUL
SCROPHULARIA auriculata 'Variegata'

SCROPHULARIA auriculata 'Variegata'  >

Water betony, Water figwort
Large crinkly leaves with broad creamy margins
TAXODIUM distichum

TAXODIUM distichum  >

Bald cypress, Deciduous cypress, Swamp cypress
Prefers boggy moist conditions where this conical tree with pale green leaves and splendid rust brown autumn colour will perform to best effect

ZANTEDESCHIA aethiopica  >

Arum lily, Pig lily, Trumpet lily
White flowers. Best grown in a damper boggy area

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