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Coastal and Windswept Locations – Coastal Plants

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Coastal and Windswept Locations – Coastal Plants
Coastal plants will thrive in windy and exposed positions often where they are subjected to salt sprays as well as gales. This list of coastal plants is selected for its hardiness in tough conditions. However some of these coastal plants may need a windbreak or some sort of shelter to get started at least in the initial years and only a very few of them can be expected to grow unprotected on the very edge of a cliff.

This is our recommended selection for coastal areas, full plant list can be found by using the a-z on the right hand menu or using the keyword search top right, if you need something specific.

AGAPANTHUS umbellatus

AGAPANTHUS umbellatus  >

African blue lily, Lily-of-the-Nile, Love flower
Largest flowered blue
AGAVE americana

AGAVE americana  >

Century plant, Pulque
Large architectural grey leaves with spines, suitable for sheltered hot dry sunny locations
ANTHEMIS cupaniana
White daisy flowers, grey ferny foliage
ARTEMISIA 'Powis Castle'

ARTEMISIA 'Powis Castle'  >

Mugwort, Wormwort
Very dainty silver grey foliage
ASTELIA chathamica 'Silver Spear'
Striking silver, sword-like foliage, an excellent architectural plant for a patio tub or to lighten a dull corner
BALLOTA pseudodictamnus

BALLOTA pseudodictamnus  >

False dittany, Shrubby horehound
Grey-green foliage, pink flowers
BERBERIS thunbergii 'Atropurpurea'

BERBERIS thunbergii 'Atropurpurea'  >

Japanese barberry, Purple-leafed barberry
Best purple foliage berberis
BUDDLEJA globosa

BUDDLEJA globosa  >

Buddleia, Butterfly bush, Orange ball tree
Orange ball Buddleja
BUDDLEJA 'Lochinch'

BUDDLEJA 'Lochinch'  >

Buddleia, Butterfly bush
Mauve blue
BUPLEURUM fruticosum

BUPLEURUM fruticosum  >

Shrubby hare's ear, Thorow wax
Excellent evergreen for coastal situations. Sea green foliage and yellow flowers. Difficult to propagate
CASSINIA fulvida

CASSINIA fulvida  >

Golden heather
dark green leaves, yellow underneath on sticky yellow shoots
CEANOTHUS arboreus 'Trewithen Blue'

CEANOTHUS arboreus 'Trewithen Blue'  >

Catalina ceanothus, Catalina mountain lilac
Largest blue
CEANOTHUS thyrsiflorus var repens

CEANOTHUS thyrsiflorus var repens  >

California lilac, Creeping blueblossom, Redroot
Vigorous low spreading habit and terminal clusters of light or darker blue flowers. Ideal for growing on a bank or in coastal conditions
CENTRANTHUS ruber 'Albus'

CENTRANTHUS ruber 'Albus'  >

Bouncing Bess, Drunken sailor, Red valerian
White form
CHOISYA ternata 'Sundance'

CHOISYA ternata 'Sundance'  >

Mexican orange blossom
Bright gold foliage
CLEMATIS montana 'Tetrarose'
Deep pink. Ideal for coastal exposure
Silver foliage, white flowers

COPROSMA repens  >

Looking glass plant, Mirror bush
In exposed conditions this grows as ground cover but, given shelter, it can become a large shrub. Glossy green recurved leaves. Male flowers in dense clusters. Female flowers are smaller followed by orange-red fruits
CORDYLINE australis

CORDYLINE australis  >

New Zealand cabbage palm
All Flower APR-MAY
CORONILLA valentina subsp glauca 'Citrina'
Palest creamy yellow form with grey-green foliage
CORTADERIA selloana 'Gold Band'

CORTADERIA selloana 'Gold Band'  >

Pampas grass, Tussock grass
(AM form) yellow variegated leaves
CORYLUS avellana 'Contorta'

CORYLUS avellana 'Contorta'  >

Contorted hazel, Corkscrew hazel, Harry Lauder's walking stick
Catkin flowers, contorted stems
CUPRESSUS macrocarpa 'Goldcrest'
Erect. Rich gold colour best in the winter

CYNARA scolymus  >

Globe artichoke
handsome grey foliage with large blue thistle-like flowers
CYTISUS 'Porlock'
(Genista 'Porlock') - scented yellow flowers, strong vigorous grower


Hardy pink
Continuous flowering from JUN-SEPT
DODONEA viscosa 'Purpurea'
Oblong crinkled leaves with a purplish appearance


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