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Small - Approx plant size 6 - 10 inches
      All £9.00 Each, Any 5 for £35.00 Any 10 for £65.00
Medium - Approx plant size 12 - 18 inches
     All £16.00 Each, Any 5 for £60.00  Any 10 for £110.00

J = japonica
S = sasanqua
R = reticulata
W = x williamsii

We are more likely to be sold out of larger sized plants than smaller ones. Please do specify substitutes if and where you can. Some varieties flower in OCT-NOV, others go on from JAN-MAY. Please send for our Autumn list of field grown specimen sized camellias priced at £25.00 - £50.00 each.

Camellias are very easy plants to grow and will tolerate sun or shade and most soils except chalk.  They also make excellent outdoor container plants but should not be kept indoors and treated as pot plants.
CAMELLIA 'Adolphe Audusson'
Japonica. Large semi-double scarlet with red and yellow stamens
CAMELLIA 'Anticipation'
x williamsii. Large paeony form, deep rose-pink
CAMELLIA 'Ballet Queen'
x williamsii. Large flowered salmon pink paeony or anemone form
CAMELLIA 'Black Lace'
Reticulata. Very dark red formal double flowers with a silvery sheen
Japonica. Very large red irregular semi-double
CAMELLIA 'Brigadoon'
x williamsii. Very large semi-double, silver pink
CAMELLIA 'Brushfield's Yellow'
Japonica. Opens creamy yellow, anemone form
CAMELLIA 'Cornish Snow'
A Caerhays Castle hybrid with small single white flowers in profusion usually from December to April
x williamsii. Very full double paeony, flowers deep pink
Japonica. Pale pink edged deeper pink, formal double
CAMELLIA 'Donation'
x williamsii. Large semi-double silvery pink
CAMELLIA 'E.G. Waterhouse'
x williamsii. Formal double silvery pink
CAMELLIA 'Fragrant Pink'
P├Žony form with deep pink flowers which smell like Osmanthus
CAMELLIA 'Hugh Evans'
Sasanqua. Prolific single pink, scented
CAMELLIA 'J.C. Williams'
x williamsii. Soft pink single
CAMELLIA 'Jury's Yellow'
x williamsii. Anemone form, creamy yellow
CAMELLIA 'Little Bit'
Japonica. Distinctive red anemone centred, sometimes with white stripes
CAMELLIA 'Magnoliiflora'
Japonica. Hose-in-hose semi-double blush pink. Petals curve outwards
CAMELLIA 'Margaret Davis'
Japonica. White formal double with pink picotee edge
CAMELLIA 'Monica Dance'
x williamsii. Mottled pink semi-double
CAMELLIA 'Nagasaki'
Japonica. Large semi-double red splashed white
CAMELLIA 'Narumigata'
Sasanqua. Single white scented
CAMELLIA 'Ruby Wedding'
x williamsii. Currant-red, anemone to paeony form with a dense upright habit
CAMELLIA 'Silver Anniversary'
Japonica. Very large double paeony form, white
CAMELLIA sinensis

CAMELLIA sinensis  >

Tea camellia
Species. The tea plant widely used in tea production. Compact habit and small white flowers in NOV-DEC
x williamsii. Single deep pink
CAMELLIA 'Tricolor'
Japonica. Semi-double white streaked rose and red
Sasanqua x williamsii. Profusions of small dainty pink flowers similar to 'Cornish Snow'

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