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Commonly known as Buckeye, Horse chestnut

The horse chestnut, or buckeye, is a genus of about 15 species of deciduous trees and shrubs from southeastern Europe, the Himalayas, eatern Asia and North America. Striking for their large flower spikes in candles most are too large for average gardens and are popular street  and park trees. The common "hippocastanum" was brought into the UK from Turkey in the late 16th century. They provide nectar and pollen for insects, particularly bees and the fruit "conker" is eaten by mammals.

  • Good to know - specimen trees for large gardens. A. parviflora is suitable for a medium-sized garden. Large candles of attractive flowers and spiny or smooth-skinned fruit.
  • Pests & Diseases - scale insects, canker, coral spot, leaf blotch.
  • Place of Origin - south eastern Europe, Himalayas, North America, eastern Asia.
  • Deciduous - trees and shrubs
  • Full Sun
  • Partial Shade
  • Fertile moist well-drained soil
  • Harmful if eaten - These will give you an upset tummy, so please don't eat any of these.

Buy Varieties of AESCULUS

AESCULUS x carnea 'Briotii'

AESCULUS x carnea 'Briotii'  >

Commonly known as: Red horse chestnut.
Deep rose-pink flowers on this form of the Red horse chestnut.
£35.00 each
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AESCULUS chinensis

AESCULUS chinensis  >

Commonly known as: Buckeye, Chinese horse chestnut.
Small white flowers in long racemes on this slow growing and rare species
£22.50 each
Gift Wrapping available on this plant

AESCULUS hippocastanum

AESCULUS hippocastanum  >

Commonly known as: Common horse chestnut, Conker tree, Horse chestnut.
white flowers, spiky 'horse chestnuts' (conkers)
Pot grown individually £7.00 each, 10+ £6.00 each
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AESCULUS indica 'Sydney Pearce'  AWARD

AESCULUS indica 'Sydney Pearce'  >

Commonly known as: Buckeye, Indian horse chestnut.
Large panicles of white flowers which are marked with yellow and suffused with pink to make an attractive display
£30.00 each
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AESCULUS x neglecta 'Erythroblastos'   AWARD

AESCULUS x neglecta 'Erythroblastos'  >

Commonly known as: Buckeye, Sunrise horse chestnut.
Red leaf stalks and leaves that unfold a spectacular cream and bright pink. They then become yellow and turn green by midsummer
£25.00 each
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AESCULUS parviflora   AWARD

AESCULUS parviflora  >

Commonly known as: Bottlebrush buckeye, Dwarf horse chestnut.
Rare spreading shrub growing up to 2.5 metres high & forming thickets from suckering. Good autumn colour
£30.00 each
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AESCULUS pavia  >

Commonly known as: American red buckeye, Red buckeye.
(A.splendens) - long upright panicles of crimson flowers
Large £35.00 each
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AESCULUS turbinata

AESCULUS turbinata  >

Commonly known as: Buckeye, Japanese horse chestnut.
a large quick growing tree with yellowish-white flowers with a red spot
£25.00 each
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AESCULUS wilsonii

AESCULUS wilsonii  >

Commonly known as: Buckeye, Horse Chestnut.
A very rare tree with tall white flowers with a yellow centre which turns red. The original record tree at Caerhays is on its last legs after 100 years
£55.00 each
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