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Commonly known as: Mimosa.

Wattles are from a genus of some 1450 species of deciduous and evergreen trees, shrubs and climbers found in Central and South America, Kenya, southern Africa, Polynesia and Australia. Leaves are often reduced and flattened in the form of phyllodes and flowers, some sweetly scented, have minute petals appearing as fluffy pompons. Generally fast-growing and can be grown in borders in frost-free areas or against warm walls or in cool greenhouses in more challenging climates.

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  • Good to know - Wattles, commonly known as Mimosas. Grown mainly for their winter and spring flowers.
  • Pests & Diseases - red spider mites under glass
  • Place of Origin - Central and South America, Australia, South Africa, Polynesia
  • Will grow outside in milder locations - This could include plants which would survive happily in a greenhouse or conservatory if not in a mild location. If you have a sheltered spot in your garden then it may do well here. - loam based compost for greenhouse - plenty of light
  • Evergreen - and deciduous trees and shrubs
  • Full Sun - sheltered site
  • fertile well drained soil
  • Neutral to acid soil

Buy Varieties of ACACIA

ACACIA baileyana   AWARD

ACACIA baileyana  >

Commonly known as: Cootamundra wattle, Golden mimosa.
fluffy bright yellow mimosa flowers and fine silvery-grey foliage
MULTIBUY Any 3+ for £12
£14.50 each

ACACIA baileyana 'Purpurea'  AWARD

ACACIA baileyana 'Purpurea'  >

Commonly known as: Cootamundra wattle, Golden mimosa.
Foliage tinged violet and purple
MULTIBUY Any 3+ for £12
£14.50 each

ACACIA dealbata   AWARD

ACACIA dealbata  >

Commonly known as: Mimosa, Silver wattle.
Florists mimosa. Yellow scented flowers
MULTIBUY Any 3+ for £12
£14.50 each

ACACIA melanoxylon

ACACIA melanoxylon  >

Commonly known as: Australian blackwood, Blackwood acacia.
Similar to A. longifolia but with pinnate young foliage
MULTIBUY Any 3+ for £12
£14.50 each

ACACIA pravissima   AWARD

ACACIA pravissima  >

Commonly known as: Oven's acacia, Wedged leaf wattle.
Slender architectural branchlets with globular yellow flowers
MULTIBUY Any 3+ for £12
£14.50 each
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ACACIA retinodes

ACACIA retinodes  >

Commonly known as: Swamp wattle, Wirilda.
Narrow willow leaves, lime tolerant. Flowers intermittently all year
MULTIBUY Any 3+ for £12
£14.50 each

ACACIA verticillata

ACACIA verticillata  >

Commonly known as: Prickly Moses, Star acacia.
Needle-like and prickly habit with cylindrical spikes of yellow flowers
MULTIBUY Any 3+ for £12
£14.50 each

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