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NYSSA aquatica

NYSSA aquatica  >

Cotton gum, Water tupelo
A rare tree with obovate-oblong leaves which have downy undersides. An American species
Small £15.50 each
Large £50.00 each

NYSSA sinensis

NYSSA sinensis  >

Chinese tupelo, Sour gum
A hardy species with red young growth and brilliant red, orange and yellow autumn colour
Large £60.00 each

NYSSA sylvatica

NYSSA sylvatica  >

Black gum, Pepperidge
Excellent autumn colour, foliage turns scarlet, red and yellow
Small £25.00 each
Large £55.00 each

NYSSA ursina

NYSSA ursina  >

Bear tupelo, Sour gum
A species from northern Florida with creamy-white flowers
Large £55.00 £27.50 each

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