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December Woodland Garden Tips

Check all your stakes and ties on individual plants before the onset of the worst winter gales.   Over the course of the year ties may have become too loose or too tight on individual plants.  This may cause them to blow over or snap in strong winds.          

In heavy snow remember to go out and knock the snow off dense evergreen plants. The sheer weight of snow on plants such as rhododendrons, conifers and camellias can easily cause branches to break off and whole plants can get flattened in heavy snowfalls.  By acting quickly with a quick shake or prod from a stick you can usually save some of the more choice plants.

Take hardwood cuttings of evergreens such as laurel, Olearia macrodonta, escallonia and common deciduous plants such as privet and fuchsia. This is the cheapest way of creating your own new hedge or windbreak for the future.  Strip the cuttings of most of their leaves, dip the bases in hormone rooting powder and line out in an upraised bed or in a corner of the garden in the ground.                          

Rhododendron ‘Christmas Cheer’Rhododendron ‘Christmas Cheer’ and other forms of Rhododendron nobleanum should come into flower now and fully deserve a prominent position.         

Buy only rooted Christmas trees, keep them watered in a pot and plant them out straight away after Twelfth Day.  You can save money by digging them up again next year or you will, alternatively, have a good shelter belt for the future.

We often have these available for sale in December.

Complete leaf sweeping or leaf blowing of paths and lawn areas and store the leaves for mulching later when well rotted.                       

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