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September Woodland Garden Tips

Fly Problems

Pulling off creepersclick for larger image
Pulling off creepersclick for larger image

As the swallows and house martins start to migrate so you will notice that more flies start to appear indoors especially on hot or humid days.   Some of these flies will be hatching in creepers attached to the house itself.  You can reduce the fly problem by pruning back virginia creepers and wisteria at this time of the year.




Brambles are the great invaders of the woodland garden.  Once grass cutting is complete the plants which have brambles growing up through them will be obvious and, armed with a really thick glove, now is the time to pull them up at the roots. If left alone brambles will soon cover and smother your best shrubs especially in corners of the garden where you are unable to mow or cut.  Even in a hot summer brambles will continue to grow at an alarming rate. The best solution is to hand pull the whole root system from ground level.  Cutting them off will see the problem recur next year.

Bush invaded by bramblesclick for larger image
pulling bramblesclick for larger image
nasty bramblesclick for larger image
Bush clear of bramblesclick for larger image

Yew Trees

Yew trees will start to shed their berries onto the ground.  These are attractive but poisonous not just to small children but also to dogs, tortoises and other family pets.   Consider fencing off the areas underneath your yew tree if it is near the house and keep pets and children well away.

Scented Magnolias

magnolia_delavayiclick for larger image

 Magnolia grandiflora and Magnolia delavayi should be at their best now.  The flowers of magnolias are much more scented in the evenings so do not miss out on the last of the summer scents with a gin and tonic in your hand!        
Magnolia delavayii in flower