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October Conservatory & Greenhouse Tips

Bring all your Citrus plants into the conservatory now for the Winter and start the recommended Winter feeding regime. Click here to view full care of Citrus advice notes

If your conservatory is unheated some of your perennial climbers will slowly die down to ground level.  Let them do so at their own speed to build up root mass for next year and only cut away the dead growth when the plant has completely died down.  With heat climbers such as Rhodochiton atrosanguineum will keep going right through the Winter.
The climbing Alstroemeria – Bomarea caldasii will start to produce large oval green seed pods.  These then turn yellow.  If you let the seed fall to the ground rather than collecting it for storage over Winter you will find that it readily germinates where it has fallen with no assistance from you.

Pruning Tibouchinaclick for larger image
Pruning Tibouchinaclick for larger image

When Tibouchinas have finally finished flowering you will find that they have become very ‘leggy’.  You can now prune back to about half their height leaving some leaves on the lower stems.  The plant will then go dormant for the Winter.


If you grow large flowered tuberous Begonias or Gloxinias they should have lost their top growth by now and may be shaken out, soil removed off the tubers then stored in a dry frost free area until Spring.  Click here for our detailed article on caring for tubers
1.	Check for snails and slugs and removeclick for larger image
1. Remove soil & check for snails & slugs
2.Leave to dry for several weeks and label each plantclick for larger image
2. Leave to dry for several weeks and label each plant
3	Keep frost free but cool, (around 5 degrees) and check every so often for any mouldclick for larger image
10. Keep frost free but cool, (around 5 degs) and check every so often for any mould

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