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November Herbaceous Border Tips



Storing tubers removing soilProtecting from frost As these start to die down when the weather cools lift and divide the tubers as necessary either from their pots or from the ground.

 The tubers are easily killed by frost so are best cleaned off and stored (with labels!) in shredded paper until Spring.
Click here for the full article on caring for tubers.


Splitting and Dividing

Once you have cleared your herbaceous border of all dead vegetation and last year’s old growth you can decide which clumps have become too big and need splitting and dividing.  Where clumps need attention they will have forced themselves up to and beyond ground level. Click here for more detailed pictures about dividing. (article is for Crocosmia but the same principle applies)
2. Decide where best to divide.click for larger image
1. Decide where best to divide.
5. Tidy removing any damaged corms or pests.click for larger image
2. Tidy removing any damaged corms or pests.
7. Water in the newly planted/potted clumps.click for larger image
3. Water in the newly planted/potted clumps.
Prime candidates include:-

    Crinum and Nerine
    (Kaffir Lilies)

Some clumps can be replanted after splitting.  Others will be available to give away and can readily be stored on the surface until Spring.



1.	Deciduous grasses tend to look messy at this time of yearclick for larger image
1. Deciduous grasses tend to look messy at this time of year
2.	Using sharp snips cut back top growth to the groundclick for larger image
2. Using sharp snips cut back top growth to the ground
4.	Tidy up and compost waste materialclick for larger image
3. Removing weeds and pests as you go, compost waste material

These need a good tidy up.  If your border is likely to be waterlogged for long periods over Winter these plants may rot off and die.  Consider lifting them in clumps and storing in a dryer frost free environment. Click here for more details about caring for grasses over winter.


Feeding Birds

Start feeding wild birds as Winter approaches.  Make sure the bird feeders are designed to deter and exclude grey squirrels.


Autumn Flower

If you want a flowering shrub to cheer up your border the autumn flowering then scented Camellia sasanquas are for you.

Camellia 'Hugh Evans' - sasanqua