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Evergreen / Deciduous: Evergreen

PROSTANTHERA phylicifolia

Spiked mint bush
Purple flowers and rosemary-like leaves. Frost hardy. Height to 2 metres
£12.50 each
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Blotchy Mint Bush, Monkey Mint Bush
Highly unusual protruding flowers which are violet tinted bluish-green. Native to S.E. Australia, so only for the patio over summer or the cool greenhouse. It will certainly however surprise your visitors!
£12.50 each


Despite the casualties from the colder winter of 2010/11 proteas are much easier to grow than many people imagine and can readily be grown outside in milder areas PROVIDING the soil is very free draining, acidic and low in nutrients (ie no fertiliser containing phosphates). Full sun and a south facing slope would be ideal. To avoid proteas getting wet feet it is helpful to plant them on a raised mound and add bark or grit for improved drainage. See more care details on website
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PROTEA Banksia coccinea

Albany banksia, Scarlet banksia, Waddib
Shrub, small tree in the Protea family. Oblong leaves and red flowers
£30.00 each

PROTEA Banksia ericifolia

Heath banksia
Fine small leaves, orange-red flowers in autumn
£30.00 each

PROTEA Banksia integrifolia

Coast banksia
Leathery leaves with white undersides, cone-shaped yellow 'bottlebrush' flowers
£25.00 each
Large £40.00 each
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PROTEA Banksia leptophylla

Slender-leaved banksia
Very fine leaves and orange/yellow flowers
£30.00 each

PROTEA Banksia meisneri

Meisner's banksia
Dense foliage and yellow-brown flowers
£30.00 each

PROTEA Banksia menziesii

Firewood banksia, Portwine banksia, Strawberry banksia
Serrated leaves and two-tone flowers, red-pink/yellow
£25.00 each

PROTEA Banksia occidentalis

Red swamp banksia, Waterbush
Glossy green leaves that are silvery grey beneath. Cylindrical yellow flowers with ruby red styles in summer
£30.00 each

PROTEA Banksia prionotes

Acorn banksia, Orange banksia
Serrated leaves and bright orange flowers
£20.00 each
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PROTEA Banksia serrata

Old man banksia, Red honeysuckle, Saw banksia, Saw-toothed banksia
Serrated leaves and yellow-green flowers
£20.00 each

PROTEA Hakea laurina

Emu bush, Kodjet, Pin-cushion hakea
Flowers resemble a pin-cushion in shape when open, with a red-pink globular centre and white pins radiating out
£35.00 each
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PROTEA Hakea lissosperma

Mountain hakea
Grey-green needle-like leaves and showy white flowers. Perfectly hardy
£16.50 each

PROTEA Leucadendron argenteum

Cape silver tree
Soft shiny silver leaves with velvety hairs and silver cone-shaped flowers. Endangered in the wild in South Africa
£25.00 each

PROTEA Leucadendron 'Burgundy Sunset'

Unusual deep bronzed-brown foliage
£20.00 each

PROTEA Leucadendron 'Inca Gold'

Upright grower producing long reddish stems of butter-yellow tulip-like bracts which become tipped in crimson in winter
£20.00 each

PROTEA Leucadendron 'Safari Sunset'

Hardy to about -6°C in ideal conditions.This variety has a medium sized bract (flower) which is brilliant red and provides a colourful winter or spring display
£25.00 each

PROTEA Leucadendron 'Sixteen Candles'

£25.00 each

PROTEA Leucadendron 'Winter Red'

Deep pink-red and cream bracts. Leaves turn purple in winter
£20.00 each

PROTEA Leucospermum 'Carnival Copper'

Stunning orange globes of flower on this unusual protea
£30.00 each
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PROTEA Protea cynaroides

Giant protea, King protea
Large bracts in shades of pale to darker pink
Large £45.00 each
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PROTEA Protea eximea

King Protea
Silvery-green leaves and oval red or pink tinted flower heads
£30.00 each
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PROTEA Protea neriifolia 'Whiteknight'

Oleander leaf protea
Slender leaves and creamy-white flowers, with a hint of pink
£30.00 each

PROTEA Telopea 'Shady Lady White'

White flowers
£40.00 each
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PROTEA Telopea speciosissima

New South Wales waratah
a large vigorous evergreen shrub from Australia which grows up to 3 metres. Deep green serrated leaves complement spectacular large red domed flowers. Has survived -6oC in Cornwall but needs protection from strong winds and severe frosts
£30.00 each
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Cherry tree

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PRUNUS laurocerasus

Common laurel
excellent for hedging even in shade
MULTIBUY   individually £11.50 each, 10+ £9.00 each

PRUNUS laurocerasus 'Marbled White'

Cherry laurel, Common laurel
Conspicuously white margined leaves which can be flushed with pink in winter
£11.00 each

PRUNUS laurocerasus 'Otto Luyken'

Cherry laurel, Common laurel
Dwarf cherry laurel
MULTIBUY   individually £11.50 each, 3+ £9.00 each

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