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Correa - Growing Guide

Caring for Correa

Commonly known as the 'Australian Fuchsia'

These are evergreen autumn and winter flowering plants which therefore originate, not unexpectedly, from Australia.

They will grow outside in milder areas either as border shrubs or as patio or courtyard plants in urban areas with wind protection. Correa bachhousiana is easily the hardiest species with us and will tolerate a little frost. Outside the West Country correas are best grown in containers in the greenhouse.

Correa  backhousianaclick for larger image
Correa backhousiana
Correa  backhousianaclick for larger image
Correa backhousiana
Correa  backhousianaclick for larger image
Correa backhousiana


Correas like full sun and will grow in well drained fertile soil which is acid to neutral. In pots they require ericaceous compost and full light with shading from direct sun. Although they flower in the winter water sparingly.

Correa bachhousiana has greenish yellow flowers and will grow from 3-6ft with a wider spread if you are lucky enough to get a long run of mild winters. Correa 'Harrisii' ('Mannii') has tubular red flowers and can become slightly larger but seldom does in the UK.

Correa need no pruning and, hardiness aside, are easy to grow.

Semi ripe cuttings on bottom heat over the summer root easily.

We sometimes offer other species of correa but these should be regarded as even more tender greenhouse plants.

Correa   alba 'Pinkie' click for larger image
Correa alba 'Pinkie'
Correa  reflexa click for larger image
Correa reflexa
Correa   'Marian's Marvel'  click for larger image
Correa 'Marian's Marvel'
Correa  harrisii click for larger image
Correa harrisii


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