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Inspiration for March 2018

Despite the snow, spring has sprung and ‘Magnolia Mania’ is upon us.

Many people ring the nursery each year to discover exactly when the best time is to visit to see the 100ft tall tree magnolias in full flower at Caerhays and Burncoose gardens. So far this year around 20th March looks to be spot on barring a late frost or easterly gale. It looks like an early year, however with the snows at the end of February it all may change!

Magnolia campbellii may well be full out 10 days before this and so may Magnolia ‘Caerhays Belle’ along with the many Magnolia sargentiana robusta trees. Some of the other well known Caerhays bred hybrid magnolias are also often out in mid March. Magnolia ‘Philip Tregunna’, Magnolia ‘Delia Williams’ and Magnolia ‘F J Williams’ are some of the best and all can be seen around the front lawn in Burncoose woodland gardens as well as at Caerhays.

Against a clear blue sky tree magnolias are genuinely one of the true wonders of the gardening world and not to be missed.

At the same time the camellia season is also at its best. Camellia x williamsii ‘Debbie’ and Camellia x williamsii ‘Donation’ are plastered in flower but these are only two of the literally hundreds of different camellias which you can admire in the nursery and out in the gardens. Even if there is a frost there will be plenty more buds following on.

Once it is dry enough to get planting properly get at it as early in the season as you can. Every week which a plant has now to develop its root system into the ground will be a bonus if we have a dry summer later. Our website gives plenty of detailed information on how to plant trees and shrubs properly so get cracking!

Early Magnolias


Early Camellias