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Inspiration for April 2018

The best month of the year for all woodland gardeners! Starting with the sycamores the trees all begin to come into leaf and, amid a riot of spring colour, the rhododendrons are at their absolute best.

The big leafed specie rhododendrons such as Rhododendron sinogrande and Rhododendron macabeanum have the largest and most impressive cream coloured flower trusses which can easily be 12in or more tall and across.

As bold reds little can compare to Rhododendron ‘Elizabeth’ or Rhododendron ‘Winsome’ and we can all relish and admire some of the early yellows such as Rhododendron ‘Saffron Queen’ or Rhododendron lutescens.

It may still be a little early in the season for the best scented rhododendrons but the range of flower colours in different sized plants with very different habits is breathtaking in the gardens at Burncoose and Caerhays.


The evergreen azaleas too come out shortly after Easter. The front lawn at Burncoose House is surrounded by colour from Azalea ‘Irohayama‘, ‘Hinomayo’ and ‘Kirin’.

Plenty more later flowering tree magnolias as well with the dark purple Magnolia ‘J C Williams’ beside the Burncoose lawn and Magnolia ‘Vulcan’ undoubtedly two of the very best.  The 30 acre gardens at Burncoose are open all year with free entry 7 days a week.

The trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants in the nursery are leaping into growth as well and now is the time to consider which of your border plants will require supports to be put in place to prevent the new flower spikes subsequently flopping over or being damaged in the wind. Lupins and delphiniums (to mention just two) are prime candidates for the plant supports which we offer on our website from Harrod Horticultural. To get the best summer show in your garden act now to avoid disappointment later.

Mulching, weeding, pruning

Now is also the time to mulch around your newly planted trees and shrubs to inhibit weed growth and to preserve moisture around the roots in a dry summer. Whatever you do, do not however cover the graft on any grafted plant with mulch as this will kill it in time as the graft will get infected.


Events in April

It's been a busy month!

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