Plant Catalogue 2023

The Pink Border

Want the perfect pink border this summer?

The pink border

S A V E    £35.00

Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start with a completely new border, or when revamping an old one.

We have put together the following plan for a ready made border, ideally around 12ft by 4ft (3.75 x 1.25 m). The plants will suit m
ost soil types and expositions.

You will receive the following plants:

1 - HYDRANGEA paniculata 'Vanille Fraise'
white flowers which change to dark red very early in the summer
1 plant for £17.50
2 - AMARYLLIS belladonna
Belladonna lily
flowers silver pink on bare bronze stems. Highly scented.
3 plants for £33.00
3 - PHORMIUM 'Pink Stripe'
New Zealand flax
bluish-grey leaves edged pink
1 plant for £17.50
4 - SPIRAEA japonica 'Anthony Waterer'
Japanese spiraea
new growth tinged purple. Leaves occasionally margined with cream and pink. Pink flowers.
1 plant for £14.50
5 - PAEONIA 'Bowl of Beauty'
rose with yellow stamens
1 plant for £17.50
6 - CISTUS x argenteus 'Silver Pink
Rock rose
peach pink, very hardy
1 plant for £14.50
7 - GAURA lindheimeri 'Siskiyou Pink'
soft pink flowers
3 plants for £33.00
8 - SEDUM 'Matrona'
dark foliage with light pink flowers
1 plant for £12.50
9 - PHLOX paniculata 'Bright Eyes'
Border phlox
pale pink with red eye
3 plants for £30.00
10 - NERINE bowdenii 'Pink Triumph'
Bowden Cornish lily
deeper pink form
3 Potted plants for £27.00
11 - HESPERANTHA coccinea 'Pink Princess'
Kaffir lily
light pink flowers. Fully hardy
3 plants for £30.00
12 - GERANIUM x oxonianum 'Wargrave Pink'
clear salmon-pink
3 plants for £33.00
13 - SCABIOSA 'Pink Mist'
Mourning bride, Pincushion flower, Scabious
deep pink flower heads paler in the centre
3 plants for £33.00
14 - ERIGERON glaucus 'Sea Breeze'
Beach aster
lilac-pink daisy flowers, good in dry exposed conditions
3 plants for £30.00
15 - MONARDA 'Croftway Pink'
Bee balm, Bergamot
striking bright pink
3 plants for £30.00

The offer price of £380.00 includes carriage and packing.  We reserve the right to swap out plants should the need arise but they will substituted with an equivalent plant in size, colour and price.

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The Pink Border