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CORNUS florida

Commonly known as American boxwood, Flowering dogwood


North American flowering dogwood. Each flowerhead is enclosed in 4 white petal-like bracts
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Large £40.00 each

  • Deciduous - broadly oval, mid-green leaves to 15cm (6in) long turning red or purple in autumn.
  • White - sometimes flushed pink
  • Height - 6m (20ft)
  • Spread - 8m (26ft)
  • Tall Shrub - or small tree. Greenish flowers. White to pink bracts, 4-5cm (1½ - 2in) long are joined at the tips as they open. Clusters of red berries are produced in autumn.
  • Hardy - cold winter - Hardy in most places throughout the UK even in severe winters. May not withstand open/exposed sites or central/northern locations. Plant can withstand temperatures down to -15°C (5°F)
  • Full sun - shelter from cold winds.
  • Partial shade
  • Additional Features - Good to know - flowers are small and inconspicuous but the surrounding bracts in shades from pink-tinged white through to an alomost true red provide the attraction and a host of cultivars have been developed.
  • Pests & Diseases - anthracnose.
  • Place of origin - eastern North America.
  • Hardiness - Fully hardy
  • Seasonal Interest - Summer
  • Soil Conditions - Fertile well drained soil - humus rich.
  • Neutral to acid soil
  • Tree Shape - Broadly conical
6m (20ft)
Tall Shrub - guide for size not form Average Person
  8m (26ft)

Buy Varieties of CORNUS florida

CORNUS florida 'Cherokee Brave'

CORNUS florida 'Cherokee Brave'  >

Commonly known as: American boxwood, Flowering dogwood.
New growth is a burgundy-red turning dark green with age. Flowers are pinkish-red darkening as they mature
Large £55.00 each

CORNUS florida 'Cherokee Chief'

CORNUS florida 'Cherokee Chief'  >

Commonly known as: American boxwood, Flowering dogwood.
(syn. 'Royal Red') - foliage scarlet-red in spring and autumn, bronzy green in summer. Bracts deep ruby pink.
Large £60.00 each

CORNUS florida 'Cloud Nine'

CORNUS florida 'Cloud Nine'  >

Commonly known as: American boxwood, Flowering dogwood.
Large snowy-white bracts. Free-flowering even when young
Large £60.00 each

CORNUS florida 'Daybreak'  AWARD

CORNUS florida 'Daybreak'  >

Commonly known as: American boxwood, Flowering dogwood.
A startling new variety, bright green leaves margined in creamy-white. In the autumn the creamy-white parts of the leaves turn pink to deep red
Large £55.00 each

CORNUS florida 'Rainbow'  AWARD

CORNUS florida 'Rainbow'  >

Commonly known as: American boxwood, Rainbow dogwood.
Compact shrub with deep green leaves splashed yellow. Autumn colours pass from pink, lavender-blue and finally purple-red
Large £60.00 each

CORNUS florida 'Red Giant'

CORNUS florida 'Red Giant'  >

Commonly known as: American boxwood, Flowering dogwood.
Large deep pink bracts tipped with white
Large £60.00 each

CORNUS florida rubra

CORNUS florida rubra  >

Commonly known as: American boxwood, Pink dogwood.
Flushed pink or red
Large £57.50 

CORNUS florida subsp. urbiniana

CORNUS florida subsp. urbiniana  >

Commonly known as: Mexican flowering dogwood.
Very unusual showy white bracts clasped at the tips in attractive spirals
£55.00 each
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