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PROTEA Leucadendron argenteum

Commonly known as Cape silver tree

Soft shiny silver leaves with velvety hairs and silver cone-shaped flowers. Endangered in the wild in South Africa
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Available late spring to early summer 2022 - Spring according to the Met Office is defined as March 1st - May 31st. Therefore late spring is mid-April onwards. This is not a guaranteed date but an estimate and subject to availability.
£25.00 each 

Delivery Information Available late spring to early summer 2022


  • Evergreen - leaves 10-15cm (4-6in) long, yellowish-green on males and greenish-silver on females.
  • Green - greenish white or silver
  • Height - 6-10m (20-33ft)
  • Spread - 2-4m (6½-13ft)
  • Tree - erect, pyramidal to columnar small tree. Smooth, grey bark with distinctive horizontal leaf scars. Produces spherical flowerheads to 4cm (1½in) across, yellowish green on male trees, greenish silver on female, surrounded by lustrous bracts to 2cm (¾in) long. The silvery cones persist for several years.
  • Heated greenhouse - warm temperate - Can be grown outside in summer. Plant can withstand temperatures down to 5°C (41°F)
  • Full sun
  • Additional Features - Endangered in the wild - These plants are listed on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's list of 'Red Plants'. This is a list of threatened species in the wild, they are either critically, endangered or vulnerable to extinction.
  • Pests & Diseases - red spider mites, under glass.
  • Place of origin - South Africa (Northern Cape, Western Cape, Eastern Cape)
  • Resistant to honey fungus - These plants have little or few problems with honey fungus.
  • Garden Location/Conditions - Greenhouse / conservatory - Not the sort of plants to be grown outside where there are likely to be frosts. These plants need to be grown in a conservatory or cool greenhouse or at least brought inside for the winter
  • Hardiness - Tender (greenhouse & conservatory) -
  • Pruning group - Pruning group 1
    Suitable for: Deciduous and evergreen trees, and some deciduous shrubs.
    Pruning: Minimal pruning required. Prune wayward or crossing branches to maintain a healthy framework.
    When: When dormant in the late winter/early spring. Some in the summer/autumn to prevent bleeding of sap.

    RHS group 1
  • Seasonal Interest - Spring -
  • Summer
  • Soil Conditions - Acid / ericaceous loving -
  • Free draining sandy soil - light, gritty soil. Will not tolerate cold, wet soil.
  • Tree Shape - Broadly conical -
6-10m (20-33ft)
tree - guide for size not form Average Person
  2-4m (6½-13ft)

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