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Commonly known as Snowbell tree

All Flower JUN-JUL

Fragrant snowbell flowers presented as solitary, in pendent, terminal or axillary racemes or panicles, or produced in clusters on short branchlets.

Graceful trees for a woodland garden.

Genus of about 130 species of deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees found in woodland or thickets in Europe, Asia, and North America, including Mexico.

Further Reading....

  • Deciduous
  • White - 'Pink Chimes' is a delicate pink
  • Tall Shrub
  • Tree
  • Hardy - very cold winter - Hardy in all of UK and northern Europe. Plant can possibly withstand temperatures down to -20°C (-4°F)
  • Full sun - shelter from cold, drying winds
  • Partial shade
  • Additional Features - Good to know - large shrub or small tree, of graceful habit. Attractive to bees. Good for woodland garden. Flowers on previous year's wood
  • Pests & Diseases - trouble free
  • Place of origin - Europe, Asia and North America
  • Resistant to honey fungus - These plants have little or few problems with honey fungus.
  • Flower Shape - Cup-shaped
  • Hardiness - Fully hardy
  • Scented Plants - Scented flowers
  • Soil Conditions - Fertile moist well-drained soil
  • Neutral to acid soil
  • Wildlife - Bee friendly

Buy Varieties of STYRAX

STYRAX formosanus var. formosanus

STYRAX formosanus var. formosanus  >

Commonly known as: Formosan snowbell, Snowbell tree.
The most beautiful of all the styrax with large white pendulous star-shaped flowers and distinctive smooth bark
£30.00 each

STYRAX japonicus

STYRAX japonicus  >

Commonly known as: Japanese snowbell.
Pendulous bell-like white flowers in profusion. A most attractive summer-flowering tree
Small £20.00 each
Large £45.00 each
Specimen £60.00 each

STYRAX japonicus 'Evening Light'

STYRAX japonicus 'Evening Light'  >

Commonly known as: Japanese snowbell.
A new styrax selection with dark purple leaves and white flowers
Small £25.00 each
Large £45.00 

STYRAX japonicus 'Fargesii'  AWARD

STYRAX japonicus 'Fargesii'  >

Commonly known as: Japanese snowbell.
A more tree-like form with larger leaves
Small £25.00 each
Large £55.00 each

STYRAX japonicus 'Fragrant Fountain'

STYRAX japonicus 'Fragrant Fountain'  >

Commonly known as: Japanese snowbell.
Weeping habit with pendulous, fragrant white flowers
£40.00 each

STYRAX japonicus 'Pendulus'

STYRAX japonicus 'Pendulus'  >

Commonly known as: Japanese snowbell.
A form with trailing branches which is best grown over a bank to look up into the flowers
Small £30.00 each

STYRAX japonicus 'Pink Chimes'

STYRAX japonicus 'Pink Chimes'  >

Commonly known as: Japanese snowbell.
Delicate pink flowers
Small £35.00 each
Large £65.00 each

STYRAX japonicus 'Purple Dress'  AWARD

STYRAX japonicus 'Purple Dress'  >

Commonly known as: Japanese snowbell.
Purple leaves and white-pink flowers
£40.00 each

STYRAX japonicus 'Snowcone'

STYRAX japonicus 'Snowcone'  >

Commonly known as: Japanese snowbell.
White flowers, pyramidal habit
£30.00 each

STYRAX japonicus 'Sohuksan'

STYRAX japonicus 'Sohuksan'  >

Commonly known as: Japanese snowbell.
A vigorous form with large leaves and the largest flowers of any Styrax we have seen growing at Burncoose
£30.00 each

STYRAX obassia

STYRAX obassia  >

Commonly known as: Big-leaf styrax, Fragrant snowbell.
Large ovate leaves and white bell-shaped flowers
£45.00 each

STYRAX officinalis

STYRAX officinalis  >

Commonly known as: Mediterranean storax, Storax.
Short drooping clusters of large fragrant flowers. Needs a warm sheltered site
£45.00 each

STYRAX wuyuanensis

STYRAX wuyuanensis  >

Commonly known as: Snowbell tree.
A rare species with clusters of long white flowers
£40.00 each

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