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Customer Survey Winners



£5 pound voucher
£10 voucher


We are very pleased to announce the following winners of our customer survey.

We would to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has taken part in our survey. We have noted all the suggestions and will try to  use these to improve our website.



Annual Winner 2022 - £100 was won by Jo from Portloe in Cornwall


January 2023 - G. Scott from Kilmarnock


February 2023 - A. French from Suffolk


March 2023 - J. Burgess from Milton Keynes


April 2023 - T. Neaber from South Shields


May 2023 - D.Brown from Dunstable


June 2023 - N. Harrison from Truro


July 2023 - S. Dwyer from Devon


August 2023 - A.Broome from Dorset


September 2023 - A.Long from Bristol


October 2023 - P.High from Norwich