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January Amateur Gardener Tips

Hamamelis mollis, Hazel & Corylus - Grafted Plants.

One of the first harbingers of spring is the scented flowers of Hamamelis mollis – the Chinese Witch Hazel

These plants are all grafted so while you take time to appreciate their beauty take a careful look at the base of the plant to ensure that there is no growth from the rootstock (i.e. below the graft itself).  

 If there is remove it at once with a sharp knife or secateurs.

Similarly hazels and the attractive Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ (pictured below)  will be producing early flowers and lamb’s-tail catkins even in frosty periods.  

These plants too are grafted and upright shoots from the rootstock (of ordinary hazel) needs to be removed. (pictured below)


Plant Records and Labels

When the weather is foul take time indoors to update last year’s planting records and (re) write the permanent plant labels needed in your garden.    Time too to enjoy new mail order plant catalogues and, hopefully, one you have already received in the post from Burncoose Nurseries.           

Click here to download the latest one as a pdf or click here for free catalogue request form.


Pruning Shrub Roses

Although there is no rush one of the jobs which you could get out of the way is pruning your shrub roses.    Do not be too severe – just remove some of the older stems which produced flowers last year and the tips of the branches which will generate blooms this year.


Berries on Skimmia Bushes

Do not despair if the birds have already devoured all your holly berries.    Birds seem to ignore the bright red berries of Skimmia.    Our favourite is the hermaphrodite Skimmia japoncia ‘Redruth’ (our nearest town so perhaps we are biased!).



What is fasciation


Tree tie damage

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