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January Herbaceous Border Tips

One of the first plants to emerge from dormancy will be Helleborus.  

If your plants still have last year’s old leaves which are looking brown and spotted then cut them off now.  

This will reduce the risk of black spot leaf infection, to which all Helleborus are prone, on the new growth when it emerges. 

It also means that the flowers can be admired more readily.

We have a helleborus care guide.


Cut the supports for your border plants in the Summer months now.   Birch, Hazel, Beech and Bamboo can all be left to dry off in a stack for use later.   Do not use willow or popular as these may root and grow away on their own if used.
Burncoose Catalogue 2024If you have not received a copy of our mail order catalogue click here to request your free copy or download one as a pdf.   There are plenty of new herbaceous plants included this year.
If you have dormant herbaceous plants in pots ready to plant out when the weather improves do not be concerned if they freeze solid and are covered in snow in cold spells.   They can take it!   What is far more of a risk is a soaking wet January where the pots get continually soaked.   This can rot roots and root systems especially in plants like Lupins, Delphiniums and Japanese Anemones.   It is far better to keep herbaceous potted plants dampish but not dry in a greenhouse, polytunnel or even the garage.
 If you are planning and designing a new herbaceous border and are overwhelmed or confused by the choices and how suited they are to grow together Burncoose can help. 

Click here for our ready made border packs. 

Alternatively send us a few photographs and we will produce a design and a plant list for you.

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