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January Conservatory & Greenhouse Tips

This is a time to keep your dormant plants ‘ticking over’ until Spring approaches.   This means remembering to provide enough water not to let pots or beds dry out completely but remain damp rather than wet or saturated.
Watch the weather forecast and turn on any heating which you have available or cover the plants with newspaper or fleece on frosty nights.
Enjoy your early flowering Acacias and keep them well watered when in flower.  

Acacia verticillata and Acacia dealbata may even flower before January.  

If they do a light pruning after flowering and a quick re-pot will ensure they produce copious new growth and, consequently, next year’s flowers.

Read our Acacia guide here.
If you have never experienced the scent of Daphne bholua ‘Jacqueline Postill’ can generate for weeks on end you should treat yourself.
Amaryllis If shrubby pot plants like Cytisus racemosa (Genista fragrans) and Acacia armata have finished flowering give them a haircut and light trim all over.

Hippeastrums (Amaryllis)  as they finish flowering should be kept moist and fed until they can be dried off in May-June.

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