Magnolia - Spotlight Videos

Best yellow magnolias - Video Tip

Magnolia 'Atlas' x Magnolia 'Lanarth' - Video Tip

Flowering for the first time in 2024.  First crossed in 2009.

Magnolia 'Caerhays Belle'

M. campbellii in late January - Video Tip

Magnolia campbellii 'Alba' - Video Tip

M. campbellii alba 'Strybing White' - Video Tip

Magnolia globosa - Video Tip

Magnolia insignis - Video Tip

Magnolia 'Lanarth' - Video Tip

Charles takes us around two Magnolia campbellii subsp. mollicomata 'Lanarth' at Caerhays.  One original 'Lanarth' seedling and the other from New Zealand.

Magnolia 'Lois', 'Peachy' & 'Limelight'

M 'Lemon Star', 'Tranquility', 'Peach Brandy' & 'Banana Split' - Video Tip

Magnolia 'March till Frost', 'Star Wars', 'Yakeo', 'Cleopatra', 'Black Tulip' - Video Tip

Charles in the garden in early September talking about secondary flowering in magnolias in early autumn.

Five varieties which regularly do this:-

0:00 - Magnolia ‘March till Frost’

2:57 - Magnolia ‘Star Wars’

4:43 - Magnolia ‘Yakeo’

6:02 - Magnolia ‘Cleopatra’

6:43 - Magnolia ‘Black Tulip’

Magnolia 'Peachy' and 'Daybreak' Video Tip

M. 'Pink Flush' in June - Video Tip

Magnolia 'Tikitere' - Video Tip

M. 'Star Wars', doltsopa & veitchii - Video Tip

M. sieboldii, sieboldii sinensis, x wieseneri, 'Summer Solstice' - Video Tip

M. sprengeri 'Diva' 'Burncoose'

M. 'Altas', 'Raspberry Fun', 'Sunrise' & x veitchii - Video Tip

M. 'Altas', 'Raspberry Fun', 'Sunrise' & x veitchii  at the end of March 2021

0:00​ - Magnolia ‘Atlas’
1:16​ - Magnolia ‘Raspberry Fun’ and panorama
2:38​ - Magnolia ‘Sunrise’ and panorama
4:05​ - Magnolia x veitchii - Magnolia panorama


Magnolia 'F.J. Williams' - Video Tip

Magnolia 'Tropicana' - Video Tip

Magnolia 'Todd's Forty Niner' - Video Tip

M. 'Todd's Forty Niner' Late January - Video Tip

Various Magnolias in early March - Video Tip


0:00​ - Magnolia campbellii ‘Valentine’s Torch’
2:12​ - Magnolia ‘Caerhays Belle’ (seedling) and Rhododendron ‘Cornish Red’ and Rhododendron grande
3:02​ - Magnolia ‘Lanarth’ (true)
4:32​ - Panorama around Donkey Shoe



Michelia foveolata - Video Tip

Charles Williams discussing Michelia foveolata in the Burncoose Gardens.

Michelia macclurei - Video Tip

Charles Williams discussing Michelia macclurei in the Burncoose Gardens 

5 Michelias in April - Video Tip

Charles in the garden over the Easter weekend looking at 5 lovely Michelias.

0:00 – M. ‘Fairy Cream’
2:00 – M. ‘Fairy White’
3:38 – M. ‘Touch of Pink’
5:30 – M. ‘Mixed up Miss’
7:00 – M. ‘Fairy Blush’


M. 'Woodsman' x 'Patriot' - Video Tip

Unnamed hybrids - Video Tip

Jaimie the Head Gardener at Caerhays with a couple of newly flowering Magnolia hybrids which are as yet unnamed. 

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