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March Herbaceous Border Tips

Some herbaceous plants are best lifted, divided and replanted if they get over crowded.  This applies particularly to Crocosmia and Schizostylis (Kaffir Lilies) which flower sparsely if over crowded.  Lift clumps with a fork, divide and replant smaller clumps 9”-12” apart. 

Click for full video list of herbaceous tips.


Other perennials which do not like being disturbed e.g. Paeonies or Orchids, benefit from a liberal dressing of blood,  fish and bone with the soil being lightly forked around the clumps.

  Slug killerSlugs and snails are beginning to appear now so start using slug pellets or any other preferred method for their control especially your clumps of Hostas. We now stock organic slug pellets


Staking perennial or herbaceous plants

finding suitable stakesclick for larger image
pushing them into soilclick for larger image
finished stakesclick for larger image
all doneclick for larger image
all doneclick for larger image
all doneclick for larger image
all doneclick for larger image
all doneclick for larger image
Although young growth is only just emerging now is the time to stake those plants which you know will blow over when in full growth or flower later in the season e.g. Alstroemeria, Anemone japonica, herbaceous Clematis, Monarda.  Rather than using canes, light “twiggy” branches of birch, beech or the twiggy tops of bamboos which have been cut and left to defoliate. These can be cut 12”-18” longer than the height required and pushed into the ground through and around the plants to be supported.  Featured plants can also be supported with our range of plant supports.

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