Commonly known as Wintersweet

(Syn. fragrans) - highly scented yellow flowers with a purple centre on bare stems
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  • Deciduous
    glossy, mid-green leaves to 8cm (2in) long in opposite pairs.
  • Purple
    Shades of purple/mauve/lilac/violet
    Purple centre
  • Yellow
  • Height
    4m (13ft)
  • Spread
    3m (10ft)
  • Tall Shrub
    Vigorous, upright shrub. Pendent flowers to 2.5cm (1in) across on second year bare shoots in winter.
  • Hardy - cold winter
    Hardy in most places throughout the UK even in severe winters. May not withstand open/exposed sites or central/northern locations. Plant can withstand temperatures down to -15°C (5°F)
  • Full sun
  • Additional Features
    Good to know
    Add stems to indoor winter flower arrangements. Dried flowers can be used like lavender to scent linen.
    Pests & Diseases
    Place of origin
  • Garden Location/Conditions
    Suitable for a shrub border
  • Hardiness
    Fully hardy
  • Leaf margin
    (see photos above)
  • Leaf shape
    (see photos above)
  • Pruning group
    Pruning group 1
    Suitable for: Deciduous and evergreen trees, and some deciduous shrubs.
    Pruning: Minimal pruning required. Prune wayward or crossing branches to maintain a healthy framework.
    When: When dormant in the late winter/early spring. Some in the summer/autumn to prevent bleeding of sap.

    Pruning group 8
    Suitable for: Wall trained shrubs and less vigorous climbers.
    Action: For climbers 'spur prune' by cutting back 3-4 buds of the permanent framework. For wall trained shrubs cut back flowered shoots to within 2-4 buds of permanent framework.
    When: Annually after flowers if on previous year's growth, or in late Winter or Spring if on current year's growth.