The familiar vivid-yellow, pea-like flowers of broom.

Genus, similar to Cytisus, of about 90 species of mainly deciduous, sometimes spiny shrubs and occasionally trees found in habitats ranging from pasture and moorland to cliffs and rocky places in Europe, the Mediterranean and western Asia.

UK natives are the rare petty whin, G. anglica, more common in Scotland, and G. tinctoria, dyer's greenweed from rough pasture mainly in the south of England.

A third, G. pilosa, hairy greenweed is a rare species found in Wales and west and south Cornwall.

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  • Deciduous
  • Dwarf shrub
    Typically only grows to a maximum of one or two feet in height but there will be some exceptions.
  • Medium shrub
    Typically grow to around 4-6 feet in height
  • Tall Shrub
  • Tree
  • Additional Features
    Good to know
    Similar to Cytisus. Grown for their small, pea-like flowers.
    Place of origin
    Europe, Mediterranean, western Asia.
    Resistant to honey fungus
    These plants have little or few problems with honey fungus.

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GENISTA hispanica

GENISTA hispanica

Spanish gorse

forms compact, spiny mound. Yellow, scented flowers

individually £13.50 each , 3+ £12.00 each 


slender branches with golden yellow flowers. Low growing

£14.50 each 
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GENISTA x spachiana

GENISTA x spachiana

Easter broom

(Genista fragrans) (Cytisus fragrans) - yellow flowers borne profusely, very sweetly scented

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individually £15.00 each , 3+ £12.00 each 
Gift Wrapping available on this plant

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