Commonly known as Climbing lily, Glory lily

Genus of one very variable species of climbing, tuberous perennial from woodland and forest, often by rivers, in tropical Africa and India.

Alkaloid-rich, and toxic, has long been used in many medicinal applications.

Further Reading....
  • Climber
    Some of these climbing plants will need trellis or wire supports if grown on walls or fences. Other grow aerial roots and are self-clinging
  • Tuberous
  • Additional Features
    Good to know
    Grown for its brightly coloured flowers. Good for growing through other plants.
    Pests & Diseases
    Place of origin
    Tropical areas of Africa and India.
  • Garden Location/Conditions
    Greenhouse / conservatory
    Not the sort of plants to be grown outside where there are likely to be frosts. These plants need to be grown in a conservatory or cool greenhouse or at least brought inside for the winter
    Loam based potting compost with grit and plenty of light
  • Toxic - Category B - CAUTION
    Toxic if eaten
    (People & Pets) also take care when handling tubers.

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GLORIOSA superba 'Rothschildiana'

GLORIOSA superba 'Rothschildiana'

Climbing lily, Glory lily

a tender climbing lily with spidery red flowers edged yellow

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