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(now reclassified under MAGNOLIA)
Further Reading....

  • Evergreen - oval or elliptic leathery leaves are arranged alternately or spirally.
  • Tall Shrub - rounded, spreading shrubs and upright trees. Grown for their, usually scented, magnolia-like flowers.
  • Full sun - shelter from strong, drying winds
  • Additional Features - Good to know - named after a Florentine botanist, Pietro Antonio Micheli (1679-1737). Shrubs make good courtyard garden subjects. Trees can be grown in woodland or as specimens.
  • Pests & Diseases - scale insect, red spider mite.
  • Place of origin - tropical and subtropical Asia.
  • Scented Plants - Scented flowers
  • Soil Conditions - Fertile well drained soil
  • Neutral to acid soil
Cold weather damage to evergreen plants

Buy Varieties of MICHELIA

MICHELIA doltsopa

MICHELIA doltsopa  >

One of the most stunning and scented trees at Caerhays Castle gardens.
£25.00 each
Large £105.00 each

MICHELIA 'Fairy Blush'

MICHELIA 'Fairy Blush'  >

Pale pink fragrant flowers
£45.00 each

MICHELIA 'Fairy Cream'

MICHELIA 'Fairy Cream'  >

Profuse flowers in creamy-white
Large £45.00 each

MICHELIA 'Fairy White'

MICHELIA 'Fairy White'  >

Profuse flowers in white
£45.00 each


MICHELIA figo  >

Commonly known as: Banana shrub, Port wine magnolia.
Small dark glossy green leaves and brownish-purple flowers which smell of pear drops
Small £20.00 each

MICHELIA x foggii 'Allspice'

MICHELIA x foggii 'Allspice'  >

Very fragrant creamy white flowers from coppery buds in spring
Large £55.00 each

MICHELIA x foggii 'Jack Fogg'

MICHELIA x foggii 'Jack Fogg'  >

A cross between M. doltsopa and M. figo with glossy dark green leaves and fragrant white flowers tinged pinkish-purple
Medium £55.00 each

MICHELIA laevifolia

MICHELIA laevifolia  >

(syn. yunnanensis) - strongly fragrant white flowers from velvety buds
Small £22.50 each
Large £55.00 each

MICHELIA laevifolia 'Summer Snowflake'

MICHELIA laevifolia 'Summer Snowflake'  >

Fragrant white flowers in profusion with purple anthers and velvety brown buds
£55.00 each

MICHELIA laevifolia 'White Caviar'

MICHELIA laevifolia 'White Caviar'  >

Lightly perfumed magnolia-like flowers
£27.50 each

MICHELIA martinii

MICHELIA martinii  >

Leathery leaves and fragrant brownish-yellow flowers
£60.00 each

MICHELIA maudiae

MICHELIA maudiae  >

Flowers are used in traditional Chinese medicine. Pure white 9 petalled flowers followed by pendulous follicles of red seeds
Medium £60.00 each

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