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Vast selection of easy-to-grow shrubs ranging from prostrate ground huggers to the magnificent "Cornubia" and frigidus with yellow or red berries.

Genus of more than 400 species of deciduous, semi-evergreen and evergreen shrubs and trees from woodland and rocky areas in northern temperate regions of Europe, Asia and northern Africa.

A UK (Wales) native, the critically endangered C. cambricus, is at present struggling for existence at Great Orme.

Very useful as a source of nectar for bees in the "June gap".


Further Reading....

  • Deciduous
  • Evergreen
  • Semi-evergreen - Keeps some of its foliage all year, and will drop some leaves as well.
  • Dwarf shrub - Typically only grows to a maximum of one or two feet in height but there will be some exceptions.
  • Ground cover - These plants are typically low growing and spread quickly to inhibit weed growth on areas of bare soil
  • Medium shrub - Typically grow to around 4-6 feet in height
  • Tall Shrub
  • Tree
  • Full sun - shelter from cold winds. Deciduous species prefer sun. Dwarf evergreen species fruit best in full sun.
  • Partial shade - larger and medium evergreen species thrive in sun or partial shade.
  • Additional Features - Good to know - - a shrub with a species for every situation. Wildlife plant - insects for the sweetly scented flowers and birds for the berries..
  • Pests & Diseases - aphids. woolly aphids, webber moth caterpillars, scale insects, fireblight, honey fungus.
  • Place of origin - northern temperate regions of Europe, Asia and North America.
  • Soil Conditions - Alkaline / Chalk loving -
  • Fertile well drained soil - will tolerate a dry position.
  • Wildlife - Bee friendly -

Buy Varieties of COTONEASTER

COTONEASTER conspicuus

COTONEASTER conspicuus  >

Arching branches and bright red fruits
Multibuy Any 3+ £9.00 each
£12.50 each


COTONEASTER 'Coral Beauty'  >

Coral-red berries
Multibuy Any 3+ £9.00 each
£12.50 each


COTONEASTER dammeri  >

Bright scarlet berries, good ground cover
Multibuy Any 3+ £9.00 each
£12.50 each

COTONEASTER 'Exburiensis'

COTONEASTER 'Exburiensis'  >

Yellow berries, tall growing
£14.50 each
Notify me when this plant is available to order
Available late spring to early summer 2021 - These plants will be available again sometime in late spring/early summer depending on growing conditions.

COTONEASTER franchetii

COTONEASTER franchetii  >

Usually evergreen in warmer areas, this multi-stemmed and self-seeding species has sage-green foliage and very noticeable orange to scarlet berries
Multibuy Any 3+ £9.00 each
£12.50 each

COTONEASTER horizontalis

COTONEASTER horizontalis  >

Commonly known as: Herring-bone cotoneaster, Rock cotoneaster.
Herringbone cotoneaster with bright red berries
Multibuy Any 3+ £9.00 each
£12.50 each

COTONEASTER horizontalis 'Variegatus'  AWARD

COTONEASTER horizontalis 'Variegatus'  >

Commonly known as: Rock cotoneaster, Variegated herring-bone cotoneaster.
Silver variegated form
Multibuy Any 3+ £9.00 each
£12.50 each

COTONEASTER Hybridus Pendulus

COTONEASTER Hybridus Pendulus  >

Commonly known as: Weeping cotoneaster.
Scarlet berries on pendulous branches
H/Std £55.00 each


COTONEASTER lacteus  >

Red fruits in broad clusters lasting until Christmas. Oval leathery leaves, grey underneath
£13.50 each

COTONEASTER microphyllus

COTONEASTER microphyllus  >

Commonly known as: Rose box.
Evergreen with coral-red berries
Multibuy Any 3+ £9.00 each
£12.50 each

COTONEASTER 'Rothschildianus'   AWARD

COTONEASTER 'Rothschildianus'  >

Commonly known as: Willow-leaved cotoneaster.
Distinctive spreading habit and clusters of creamy-yellow fruits
£15.00 each

COTONEASTER x suecicus 'Skogholm'

COTONEASTER x suecicus 'Skogholm'  >

Wide spreading habit with small coral-red fruits. Good ground cover
Multibuy Any 3+ £9.00 each
£12.50 each
Notify me when this plant is available to order
Estimated availability autumn 2020 - Not yet confirmed. Could be any time between September and December.

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