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Probably autumn's most wonderfully scented, though insignificant, flowers (E pungens). Pervasive scent in a quiet, misty November.

Genus of about 90 species of deciduous or evergreen shrubs and trees mainly from Asia with a few from southern Europe and North America.

Some are cultivated for the acidic berries.

  • Deciduous - or evergreen trees and shrubs.
  • Full sun
  • Partial shade - evergreen varieties will grow well in partial shade.
  • Additional Features - Good to know - grown for their foliage and small, often very fragrant, flower. Edible berries 1-2.5cm (½ to 1in) long follow the flowers.Good coastal plants. Evergreen varieties make good hedges. Wildlife plant - insects.
  • Pests & Diseases - coral spot.
  • Place of origin - Asia, southern Europe, North America.
  • Soil Conditions - Fertile well drained soil - can become chlorotic on shallow chalky soil.

Buy Varieties of ELAEAGNUS

ELAEAGNUS angustifolia

ELAEAGNUS angustifolia  >

Commonly known as: Oleaster, Russian olive.
Large spiny shrub with fragrant flowers in June and silvery-grey willow-like leaves
individually £12.50 each, 3+ £10.00 each

ELAEAGNUS commutata

ELAEAGNUS commutata  >

Commonly known as: Silver berry.
thicket forming shrub with long elliptic leaves completely covered by silvery scales
£16.00 each
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ELAEAGNUS x ebbingei   AWARD

ELAEAGNUS x ebbingei  >

(now renamed 2017 x submacrophylla) - excellent grey-green foliage, silver on back, good for coastal exposure
individually £11.50 each, 3+ £9.00 each
Large £35.00 each

ELAEAGNUS x ebbingei 'Coastal Gold'

ELAEAGNUS x ebbingei 'Coastal Gold'  >

Very bright gold splashed leaves
£12.50 each

ELAEAGNUS x ebbingei 'Gilt Edge'  AWARD

ELAEAGNUS x ebbingei 'Gilt Edge'  >

Quick growing, leaves margined in gold
individually £12.50 each, 3+ £10.00 each
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Large £37.50 each

ELAEAGNUS x ebbingei 'Limelight'

ELAEAGNUS x ebbingei 'Limelight'  >

Quick growing, leaves golden variegated
individually £12.50 each, 3+ £10.00 each
Large £37.50 each

ELAEAGNUS pungens 'Maculata'

ELAEAGNUS pungens 'Maculata'  >

Best known variegated form, leaves deep yellow in centre good for cutting
individually £12.50 each, 3+ £10.00 each
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ELAEAGNUS 'Quicksilver'

ELAEAGNUS 'Quicksilver'  >

Narrow, exceptionally silvery leaves and yellow flowers on this outstanding deciduous shrub which spreads by suckering
£16.00 each
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Large £40.00 each
H/STD £55.00 

ELAEAGNUS umbellata

ELAEAGNUS umbellata  >

Commonly known as: Autumn olive.
Vigorous spreading shrub or small tree. Leaves which are silvery at first maturing to bright green on upper surface. Silvery yellow-white flowers and silvery fruit
individually £12.50 each, 3+ £10.00 each

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