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Commonly known as Gum tree, Ironbark

Very attractive, fast-growing trees best used as specimens.

Genus of over 680 species of evergreen trees and shrubs found mainly in Australia but also in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Melanesia.

Leaves on young trees and sucker shoots are usually opposite, developing to alternate ones as the tree matures. Rapid regrowth after pruning produces attractive young stems for the foliage market.

Source of the well-known antiseptic oil and high-grade honey from the petalless flowers.

They release compounds that inhibit other plants from growing nearby (allelopathic effect).

The Blue Mountains of Australia take their name from the haze of vapourised volatile componds given off on warm days.

Further Reading....

  • Evergreen - trees and shrubs.
  • Tree - flowers are petalless, composed of many stamens.
  • Full sun - shelter from cold drying winds
  • Additional Features - Good to know - valued for their aromatic leaves and attractive bark.
  • Pests & Diseases - silver leaf, oedema.
  • Place of origin - Australia mostly, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea
  • Soil Conditions - Fertile well drained soil
  • Neutral to acid soil
  • Wildlife - Rabbit Resistant

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EUCALYPTUS gunnii  >

Commonly known as: Cider gum, Ironbark.
blue gum, excellent for cutting
£13.50 each


EUCALYPTUS nicholii  >

Commonly known as: Gum tree, Ironbark, Narrow-leaved black peppermint.
Narrow lance-shaped peppermint scented leaves. White flowers in autumn
£13.50 each
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EUCALYPTUS pauciflora subsp. niphophila  AWARD

EUCALYPTUS pauciflora subsp. niphophila  >

Commonly known as: Ironbark, Snow gum.
Sickle-shaped leaves with peeling bark, very hardy and salt tolerant
£13.50 each
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