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February Herbaceous Border Tips

Welcome to February's tips. We have added lots of video clips to the tips, however if you prefer to read instructions then click the more information and the written tips will be displayed under the videos.


Dividing Snowdrops

find suitable clump to splitclick for larger image
dig up clumpclick for larger image
split clumpclick for larger image
remove excess soilclick for larger image
find new locationclick for larger image
pick new split clump to replantclick for larger image
replant snowdropsclick for larger image
Snowdrops in the green
The best time to lift, divide up and move snowdrops to new locations is when flowering is nearly over.   Lift a clump in the green (i.e. with leaves) with a spade, remove any weeds and split the clump into smaller parcels of say 6 bulbs for planting elsewhere.



Once the weather improves get cracking with your clump forming herbaceous plants which have expanded, overcrowded and got too big.   Dig up the whole clump while still dormant and quite literally chop it up into sections with a spade.   One clump to plant back in situ, one or two clumps for somewhere else in the garden, and the rest for sale on your National Garden Scheme Open Day, Village Fete, Charity Auction.
Plants you can deal with in this way:-
                       Acanthus (evergreen)
                       Hardy Ferns
                       Herbaceous Paeonies

find suitable clump to splitclick for larger image
split clump with macheteclick for larger image
split clumpsclick for larger image
one clump re-pottedclick for larger image
Dividing an Astilbe.
Pot bound Wachendorfiaclick for larger image
Carefully remove old potclick for larger image
Cut back top growthclick for larger image
Cut roots and clump with macheteclick for larger image
Potting onclick for larger image
New plants readyclick for larger image
Splitting a pot bound Wachendorfia.
Splitting Bergeniaclick for larger image
Split with machete or knifeclick for larger image
2 split partsclick for larger image
tease out the rootsclick for larger image
Potting onclick for larger image
Splitting Bergenia


Fascicularia bicolor

Fascicularia bicolor will have produced wonderfully coloured rosettes through the Autumn and Winter.   It will also have developed many offshoots or offsets.   Lift the clump gently.   Discard the plants that have had flowering rosettes as they will die afterwards.   Prize off the side shoots and pot or plant out for form new clumps.

We have more information on caring for Fascicularia bicolor if you are interested in learning more.  

find plants to be splitclick for larger image
dig up clump & splitclick for larger image
replant  split plantclick for larger image
firm ground around new plantclick for larger image
all doneclick for larger image


Perennial Grasses

Perennial grasses often look a mess at the start of the season.   These too can be dug and split up.   However a good crop or haircut will often suffice.   After a cold winter clumps of Cortaderia (Pampas Grass) often look like a mass of dead.   There will be life at the base of the plant but all the deads needs stripping away with a thick glove to protect your hands.

We have a full care article on grasses if you would like more information  



Primula ‘Wanda’ will start to flower here and the first primroses (Primula vulgaris) will attract comment.   More harbingers of Spring!


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