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July Conservatory & Greenhouse Tips

July is the month where those climbers which die down to ground level in Winter suddenly surprise you with a long display of flowers.   Make sure the trellis or support is there for them to ‘strut their stuff’ properly.

Mealy Bug

As Summer draws on the next serious pest to watch out for is mealy bug.   Mealy bugs thrive on plants with dead leaves especially in full sun.   When out of control they form big white clumps of bugs and their sticky secretions kill the leaves below.  Hoyas and Fremontodendrons are especially prone to mealy bug.   If the problem is spotted in time crush the bugs between your fingers.   When faced with more serious infestations stand the plants outside where birds may help eat the bugs and cooler conditions will inhibit reproduction.   Alternatively and to prevent further spread into other adjacent plants cut out and burn the infected areas and then spray regularly with an insecticide.

The last of the scented Rhododendrons to flower is Rhododendron megacalyx. This plant is too tender to be grown outside even in Cornwall but what a show!

Powdery Mildew

Rhododendron 'Cornish Red' - Propagation

Hydrangea Propagation

Hydrangea cuttings can be taken now from the new growth.   They will root in just a month if taken early.  
taking hydrangea cutting from plant
taking hydrangea cutting from plantclick for larger image
1. Taking a cutting from the plant
2. preparing cutting
2. preparing cuttingclick for larger image
2. Cut off the side leaves.
3. preparing cutting
3. preparing cuttingclick for larger image
3. Cut off the top section just before two outer leaves .
4. preparing cutting
4. preparing cuttingclick for larger image
4. After cutting off the top you should be left with one pair of leaves, with no stalk above.
5. preparing cutting
5. preparing cuttingclick for larger image
5. Put the pair of leaves together and cut the top half of the leaves off with scissors.
6. preparing cutting
6. preparing cuttingclick for larger image
6. Cut the remaining stalk off below the leaves before the next joint.
7. preparing cutting
7. preparing cuttingclick for larger image
7. Dip the cutting into rooting powder.
8. cutting planted in cell tray
8. cutting planted in cell traysclick for larger image
8. Plant cutting firmly into compost in cell tray.
9. ready to pot
9. ready to potclick for larger image
9. Your cutting should root like this one ready for potting onto larger pots or in the garden.

Ants can be a serious pest in the greenhouse where they control aphids colonies and feed on their secretions.


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