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Commonly known as Oak

Genus of about 530 species of deciduous, semi-evergreen or evergreen trees and shrubs in the beech family widely distributed in woodland and scrub in the northern hemisphere extending to tropical latitudes.

Because of land use changes and climate change many species are under acute threat. In the highlands of Mexico, Central America and the northern Andes forests have been cleared to make coffee plantations and cattle ranching. Pine forests are invading oak in the Indian Himalayas because of temperature rise.

In the UK, Phytopthora ramorum (so-called sudden oak death), a bacterium thought to cause acute oak decline and the oak processionary moth, which causes defoliation, are all modern threats.

Represented in the UK by 2 natives, Sessile or Durmast (Q. petraea), stalked leaves and unstalked acorns and English or Pedunculate (Q. robur) with very short stalks on leaves and long stalks on acorns.

Two other oaks commonly seen are the holm oak (Q. ilex), evergreen, and the Turkey oak (Q. cerris) which was introduced, mistakenly, as a source of good timber.



Further Reading....

  • Deciduous
  • Evergreen
  • Semi-evergreen - Keeps some of its foliage all year, and will drop some leaves as well.
  • Tree - some give excellent autumn colour. Male catkins followed by female acorns
  • Full sun - evergreen species prefer full sun
  • Partial shade
  • Additional Features - Good to know - grown for habit and foliage. Best in parkland or large garden
  • Pests & Diseases - aphids, gall wasps, oak wilt, honey fungus, powdery mildew, bracket fungi.
  • Place of origin - widely distributed northern hemisphere
  • Soil Conditions - Fertile well drained soil

Buy Varieties of QUERCUS

QUERCUS acutissima

QUERCUS acutissima  >

Commonly known as: Japanese chestnut oak, Sawtooth oak.
oblong chestnut-like leaves which persist into winter
Large £25.00 each

QUERCUS buckleyi

QUERCUS buckleyi  >

Commonly known as: Texas red oak.
Noted for its excellent autumn colours this newly introduced species is growing well at Caerhays
£25.00 each

QUERCUS cerris

QUERCUS cerris  >

Commonly known as: Bitter oak, Turkey oak.
Pot grown individually £7.50 each, 10+ £6.00 each

QUERCUS coccinea

QUERCUS coccinea  >

Commonly known as: Scarlet oak.
excellent autumn colour
Grafted £30.00 each

QUERCUS dentata 'Carl Ferris Miller'

QUERCUS dentata 'Carl Ferris Miller'  >

Commonly known as: Daimio oak, Daimyo oak.
Stout shoots and very broad, large, ovate leaves. Rare and fairly slow growing.
Grafted £30.00 each

QUERCUS dentata 'Sir Harold Hillier'

QUERCUS dentata 'Sir Harold Hillier'  >

Commonly known as: Daimio oak, Daimyo oak.
Large green leaves turning brown in autumn
£40.00 each

QUERCUS garryana

QUERCUS garryana  >

Commonly known as: Oregon oak.
Shining green deeply cut leaves
£12.50 each


QUERCUS ilex  >

Commonly known as: Evergreen oak, Holm oak.
Evergreen oak, excellent for windy or coastal conditions
Small individually £9.50 each, 10+ £8.00 each
Large individually £30.00 each, 10+ £27.50 each

QUERCUS imbricaria

QUERCUS imbricaria  >

Commonly known as: Shingle oak.
Long narrow oval leaves. Rich autumn colours
Large £25.00 each
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QUERCUS insignis

QUERCUS insignis  >

Commonly known as: Oak.
This Mexican species produces its attractive pink secondary new growth in the autumn and therefore needs a very sheltered frost free location to get established
£30.00 each

QUERCUS liaotungensis

QUERCUS liaotungensis  >

Commonly known as: Liaotung oak.
A dense full crowned species from China and Mongolia with leaves which hang on for most of the winter. The acorns are used in the treatment of arthritis
£30.00 each

QUERCUS myrsinifolia

QUERCUS myrsinifolia  >

Commonly known as: Oak.
Small and compact tree with dark green leaves which are paler beneath. Used as a windbreak at Caerhays
£16.00 each

QUERCUS phillyreoides

QUERCUS phillyreoides  >

Commonly known as: Oak.
Rare evergreen oak with oval leathery glossy green leaves and bronze-tinted new growth
£13.50 each


QUERCUS robur  >

Commonly known as: Common oak, English oak, Pedunculate oak.
Pot grown 2-3ft individually £6.50 each, 10+ £5.50 each


QUERCUS rubra  >

Commonly known as: Red oak.
excellent autumn colour
Whip £16.50 each
Small H/Std £50.00 each

QUERCUS rubra 'Aurea'

QUERCUS rubra 'Aurea'  >

Commonly known as: Red oak.
Clear golden yellow
£30.00 each

QUERCUS rhysophylla 'Maya'  AWARD

QUERCUS rhysophylla 'Maya'  >

Commonly known as: Loquat-leaf oak.
A hardy Mexican oak with attractive downy reddish new growth maturing to a bullate glossy green
£30.00 each

QUERCUS x schuettei 'Silver Shadow'

QUERCUS x schuettei 'Silver Shadow'  >

Commonly known as: Schuette's oak.
Green leaves, silver on reverse
£30.00 each

QUERCUS semecarpifolia

QUERCUS semecarpifolia  >

Commonly known as: Oak.
One of the most attractive and unusual of oak species with broad leathery leaves, spiny at the margins
£30.00 each
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QUERCUS velutina

QUERCUS velutina  >

Commonly known as: Black oak, Quercitron oak.
Very large and irreularly lobed leaves. Reddish-brown and yellowish autumn colour
£12.50 each

QUERCUS virginiana

QUERCUS virginiana  >

Commonly known as: Southern live oak.
Tall growing species with longitudinally furrowed bark. It keeps its leaves throughout the winter dropping them only when the new growth emerges
£15.00 each

QUERCUS x warei 'Chimney Fire'

QUERCUS x warei 'Chimney Fire'  >

Commonly known as: Oak.
Vivid red autumn colour
£30.00 each

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