HIBBERTIA scandens

Commonly known as Golden guinea flower, Snake vine

Vigorous climber with reddish-brown stems, leathery leaves and solitary yellow flowers
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HIBBERTIA scandens

Available Early Spring 2022 - Spring according to the Met office is defined as March 1st - May 31st. Therefore early spring is early March to mid-April. This is not a guaranteed date but an estimate and subject to availability.
£14.50 each 
Delivery Information Available Early Spring 2022
plant size comparison icon 1.5 to 2 Litre
  • Evergreen
    leathery leaves to 10cm (4in), either entire or shallowly toothed near the tips and silky-hairy beneath.
  • Yellow
  • Height
    3-6m (10-20ft)
  • Spread
    1.5-2.5m (5-8ft)
  • Climber Some of these climbing plants will need trellis or wire supports if grown on walls or fences. Other grow aerial roots and are self-clinging
    Vigorous shrub. Produces solitary, terminal flowers
  • Heated greenhouse - warm temperate Can be grown outside in summer. Plant can withstand temperatures down to 5°C (41°F)
    Use loam-based compost (JI No. 2) in bright, filtered light
  • Partial shade
  • Additional Features
    Exotic plants
  • Good to know
    suitable as ground cover. Thrives in coastal sites.
  • Pests & Diseases
    grey mould (Botrytis)
  • Place of origin
    Australia (Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales)
  • Flower Shape
    Bowl-shaped - bowl- to saucer-shaped to 5-7cm (2-2¾in) across with notched petals
  • Garden Location/Conditions
    Greenhouse / conservatory Not the sort of plants to be grown outside where there are likely to be frosts. These plants need to be grown in a conservatory or cool greenhouse or at least brought inside for the winter
  • Hardiness
    Tender (greenhouse & conservatory)
  • Leaf margin
    Entire see photos above
  • Leaf shape
    Elliptic see photos above
  • Oblong
  • Seasonal Interest
  • Soil Conditions
    Fertile moist well-drained soil

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