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MAGNOLIA campbellii

Large £55.00 each

Delivery Information Available autumn 2019
plant size comparison icon 5 to 7.5 Litre
  • Deciduous - oblong-elliptic, mid-green leaves to 25cm (10in) long.
  • Shades of pink - All shades of pink through to Carmine (red) - white or crimson to pale pink flowers.
  • White
  • Height - 15m (49ft)
  • Spread - 10m (33ft)
  • Tree - vigorous conical, then spreading, tree.
  • Hardy - average winter - Hardy through most of the UK apart from inland valleys, at altitude and central/northerly locations. May suffer foliage damage and stem dieback in harsh winters in cold gardens. Plant can withstand temperatures down to -10°C (14°F)
  • Full sun - shelter from strong winds.
  • Partial shade
  • Additional Features - Pests & Diseases - scale insects, honey fungus, coral spot.
  • Place of origin - Nepal, India, Bhutan - Burncoose plants are grafts from specimen tree at Caerhays, Cornwall, UK.
  • Flower Shape - Cup-and-saucer-shaped - to 30cm (12in) across.
  • Hardiness - Frost hardy (down to -5) -
  • Soil Conditions - Fertile moist well-drained soil - humus-rich.
  • Neutral to acid soil
  • Tree Shape - Broadly conical - spreading with age
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15m (49ft)
tree - guide for size not form Average Person
  10m (33ft)

Buy Varieties of MAGNOLIA campbellii

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Alba'

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Alba'  >

Pure white form of M.campbellii
Medium £60.00 each
Gift Wrapping available on this plant

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Betty Jessel'

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Betty Jessel'  >

One of the very best but still too little known hybrids with large deep crimson flowers opening late in the season
Medium £60.00 each
Gift Wrapping available on this plant

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Charles Raffill'

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Charles Raffill'  >

Rose-purple flowers on the outside and white with a marginal pink flush on the inside
Medium £55.00 each
Gift Wrapping available on this plant
Specimen £75.00 each
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MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Darjeeling'  AWARD

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Darjeeling'  >

Dark rose coloured flowers
Medium £60.00 each
Gift Wrapping available on this plant
Specimen £80.00 each

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Kew's Surprise'

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Kew's Surprise'  >

Large and distinct translucent pink flowers which are paler inside. The original plant grows at Caerhays Castle and was awarded an FCC in 1967
Medium £60.00 each
Gift Wrapping available on this plant
Large £70.00 each

MAGNOLIA campbellii subsp. mollicomata 'Lanarth'

MAGNOLIA campbellii subsp. mollicomata 'Lanarth'  >

Large cyclamen-purple flowers of this subspecies of M. mollicomata raised at Lanarth
Medium £60.00 each
Notify me when this plant is available to order
Large £80.00 each

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Princess Margaret'

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Princess Margaret'  >

Large flowers red-purple on the outside and cream inside.
Medium £60.00 each
Gift Wrapping available on this plant

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Sidbury'

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Sidbury'  >

Raised at Sidbury Manor in Devon this is one of the earliest campbellii crosses to flower in Cornwall with attractive lighter pink flowers
Medium £60.00 each
Gift Wrapping available on this plant
Specimen £80.00 each

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Werrington'

MAGNOLIA campbellii 'Werrington'  >

A Forrest original which grows at Werrington Park in North Cornwall
Medium £60.00 each
Gift Wrapping available on this plant
Large £70.00 each

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